Burton Lane Storage

97 West Burton Lane

Kaysville, UT 84037

​Phone: ​(801) 544-9244

​Fax: (801) 544-9716

​Email: burtonlanestorage@hotmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is the contract month to month or do you sign for a fixed term?
    A- We have both options, although we typically do month to month.

Q- Can I choose my own gate code?
    A- For security reasons we assign gate codes.

Q- Do I have to come in and fill out the contract or can I do it by email?
    A- We require your signature on the contract, so we would prefer that you come in.

Q- How long before the security deposit refund check gets mailed?
    A- The contract says 5-6 weeks but we typically try and get it back to you within 2-3 weeks.

Q- How long of a notice do I have to give before vacating?
    A- We require a 5 day written notice when you vacate. You can mail it, drop it off, or email it to us, but it has to be in writing.

Q- Do you carry insurance?
    A- Not for the stuff that you put in your units. We would advise that you carry renters insurance.